World Bank
14 Jul 2016 Thompson Reuters Foundation
Global call to development banks: don't fund projects that violate human rights
A growing number of governments have been criminalising the activities of land and human rights activists and putting restrictions on non-governmental groups.
21 Jun 2016 ICIJ
World Bank allows Tanzania to sidestep rule protecting indigenous groups
The World Bank’s board has granted a massive agribusiness project in East Africa a waiver that exempts it from following the bank’s Indigenous Peoples Policy—sparking fears that the development lender is making an end run to resurrect a policy that it abandoned in public.
20 Jun 2016 ICIJ
Evicted tribes say they're left with nowhere to go
The World Bank’s board has granted an East African agribusiness project called SAGCOT a waiver that exempts it from following the bank’s Indigenous Peoples Policy — sparking fears among human rights advocates that the development lender is setting a precedent that weakens protections for indigenous peoples.
13 Jun 2016 IFC
IFC Supports Agribusiness in Ukraine with A New Investment in Astarta
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, will provide a debt financing package to Astarta, a leading agricultural producer, as part of broader efforts to support Ukraine's farming sector and spur economic development in the country.
31 May 2016 APO
Bidco Truth Coalition unites groups to demand accountability for Bidco
A Ugandan group of more than 100 farmers lost their land to Bidco and now a coalition of activists are launching a new platform,, to chart Bidco abuses.
20 May 2016 Mongabay
World Bank lifts freeze on Cambodia loans amid protests
The Bank says the move will help alleviate poverty in the Southeast Asian country, but land rights activists expressed disappointment over the decision.
20 Apr 2016 SOS Faim
Le vrai visage des financements de la Banque mondiale : 3 cas concrets
Bénin, Burkina Faso et Sénégal : SOS Faim a mené l’enquête dans ces trois pays africains pour analyser quelques cas concrets d’investissement de la BM et leurs impacts sur l’agriculture.
12 Apr 2016 Oakland Institute
World Bank accountability on forced resettlements must be a priority at Its spring meetings
World Bank accountability on forced resettlements resulting from its programs must be front and center at its spring meetings, taking place this week in Washington DC
17 Mar 2016 Reuters
'Losing our land like losing our lives', Brazil activist tells World Bank
Investors describe it as one of the last frontiers for major agricultural expansion - a vast area in Brazil's poor northeast that the government is eager to open up to investors hoping to set up big new soy farms and cattle ranches.
14 Mar 2016 Oakland Institute
Failing to address land rights violations caused by its own programs, the World Bank launches its 17th Conference on Land and Poverty
World Bank organizes costly conferences on land governance while overlooking the forced relocation of farmers and indigenous people resulting from its policies and programs.
10 Mar 2016 World Bank
New project to link farmers to agribusiness in Tanzania
The World Bank's $70 million in new financing will be used to link smallholder farmers to agribusinesses in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT).
09 Mar 2016 Thomson Reuters Foundation
Concerns over a scramble for resources quiet for now, says World Bank
Concerns over competing countries scrambling for resources such as farmland have decreased recently due to lower commodity and food prices, a World Bank official said.

World Bank

Stop further destruction by Bidco Africa! The No2Bidco Campaign in Uganda and Kenya request support for their struggle against Bidco Africa- a multinational joint venture involving Wilmar International that has decimated Bugala Island Uganda, clearing some 18,000 acres of rainforest to make way for an oil palm plantation. Sign this letter to request that the UNDP immediately disassociate from the project.

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