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01 Oct 2014Amwal Alghad
UAE-Al Dahra to Egypt's Mahlab 'We pumped EGP750mn in Toshka Project'
Egyptian PM Ibrahim Mahlab met with UAE Minister of State Ahmed Al Jaber and officials of Al Dahra Agriculture to assure them that the Egyptian government is removing obstacles to the company's projects in Toshka.
22 Jun 2014Reuters
Saudi’s Almarai, Pepsico to invest at least $345m in Egypt
Investment plans include a new dairy farm of 5,000 cows and eventually another farm of 20,000 cows that will be the biggest in Egypt.
24 Apr 2014Green Prophet
Arab investors and land grabbers wanted by Egypt
Egypt plans to lease 25,000 hectares of agricultural land to Arab investors.
22 Apr 2014Orient XXI
Égypte, le retour du rêve fou d’un vieux pharaon
Le projet de Tochka était censé régler les problèmes démographiques et agricoles de l’Égypte. En 2008, plus de 30 000 ha ont été attribués à une compagnie saoudienne. Fin 2013, une compagnie émiratie y annonçait l’achat de 40 000 ha.
09 Apr 2014World News
Egypt eyes more Gulf investment on back of agricultural deal
Egypt plans to lease 25,200 hectares of agricultural land this year to a firm affiliated with an Arab investment body, its agriculture minister said,
08 Jan 2014Jeune Afrique
Accaparement des terres : les pays du Golfe reculent
Face aux difficultés enregistrées en Afrique, les pays du Golfe réorientent leur stratégie d’investissement agricole vers des territoires moins risqués, notamment les États-Unis et l'Europe de l'Est.
30 Dec 2013Reuters
Gulf states seek food security in Europe, US after African problems
The desert states of the Gulf are changing tack in their multi-billion dollar search for food security.
12 Dec 2013Pambazuka
South-South land grabbing: what the case of Egypt and its southern neighbours reveals
Emerging regional powers’ in the South have produced powerful finance capitalists such as the Egyptian firm, Citadel Capital. Allied with global governance institutions, such firms represent greater control over vital resources and distribution routes for private wealth accumulation
25 Nov 2013Reuters
Jenaan changes Egypt strategy to wheat for local market
Jenaan, which has agricultural investments from Spain to Ethiopia, said it changed its policy in part because it had been losing money in Egypt and in part due to advice from the government of Abu Dhabi.
03 Jun 2013ABC
¿A quién pertenece el agua en África?
Mientras que el 40% de la población subsahariana no dispone de acceso al agua potable, los inversores internacionales hacen negocio acaparando los territorios por donde transita.
14 May 2013Afrik
L’accaparement du Nil, un scénario qui inquiète l’Egypte
L’Egypte voit la ruée étrangère vers les terres agricoles en Afrique comme une menace pour ses ressources en eau.
09 Apr 2013Global Post
Egypt aims to become self-sufficient in sunflower oil by using farmland provided by neighboring Sudan
Private Egyptian investors to plant sunflower on 210,000ha of land earmarked for joint agricultural projects under a deal reached by President Mohamed Mursi and President Hassan Omar al-Bashir.

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