03 Aug 2012 Daily Star
Bangladesh to lease Sudanese farmland
Bangladesh yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Sudan to take a 10-year lease on Sudanese farmland to grow crops aimed at ensuring food security of both the countries.
02 Aug 2012 Hakiardhi
Land grabbing in a post investment period and popular reaction in the Rufiji River Basin.
Report just released by Tanzanian NGO Haki Ardhi looks at recent experiences with land grabs in the fertile Rufiji Basin.
19 Jul 2012 AP
Iowa regent admits PR mistakes in Africa land deal
Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter has defended working with Iowa State Univ. to pursue a large-scale land development in Africa and blamed growing criticism over his involvement on misinformation and public relations mistakes.
19 Jul 2012 FWW
National nonprofit Food & Water Watch joins complaint against Rastetter, exposes another AgriSol executive as complicit in Tanzania land grab
Food & Water Watch has joined Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’s ethics complaint against Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter for egregious conflict of interest involving a Tanzania land deal he brokered in partnership with Iowa State University.
18 Jul 2012 Malango
« Ne nous étonnons pas si des révoltes éclatent »
Des voix s’élèvent contre les prêts de terres de 99 ans à des sociétés étrangères. Les Tanzaniens se sentent ignorés par leur gouvernement…
09 Jul 2012 Oakland Institute
Lives on hold
AgriSol's land deal in Tanzania creates an uncertain future for more than 160,000 people
08 Jul 2012 Guardian
Politics of investment in large scale agricultural ventures
The AgriSol investment is a good case in justifying that in Tanzania it is the state which grabs on behalf of the investors as opposed in other areas where land is acquired illegally.
30 Jun 2012 East African
Activists raise red flag over Tanzania land deal
The US-based Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement say they want senior government officials involved in the deal investigated and prosecuted for accepting a deal that will be detrimental to the welfare of Tanzanians.
25 Jun 2012 The Citizen
Tanzania to seek China help on farming
Tanzania is planning to involve the Chinese government in its agriculture revolution strategy as well as establish value-adding small industries to boost agricultural products by local producers
19 Jun 2012 Des Moines Register
Ethics complaint: Rastetter used regents board to push African 'land grab'
An ethics complaint being filed today alleges agribusiness investor Bruce Rastetter used his membership on a board that oversees Iowa’s public universities to advance a business venture involving Iowa State University.
15 Jun 2012 NPR
African land fertile ground for crops and investors
Part 2 of a report from the US-based National Public Radio on landgrabbing in Africa, highlighting the case of Mozambique
02 Jun 2012 Business World
Indian farmer’s African safari
Karuturi, which has 300,000 ha in Ethiopia, is now targeting the DRC, Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal and Sierra Leone.


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