21 Apr 2017 FOE US
Activists and clients tell TIAA to stop investments linked to deforestation and displacement of local farmers
A coalition of environmental, human rights and family farm organizations delivered a letter with over 100,000 signatures to pension fund management company TIAA, expressing concerns over the company’s investments in farmland and palm oil.
21 Apr 2017 Institutional Investor
Protesters rally outside TIAA in New York to stop its farmland deals
Protesters paid a visit to TIAA’s New York headquarters Thursday, urging the firm to stop investing in farmland and companies with ties to palm oil.
23 Feb 2017 The Age
Victims put pressure on ANZ over the loss of their land
The ramifications of the land grab seven years ago, and the role of ANZ in financing the Phnom Penh Sugar (PPS) refinery, are still being felt today. Representative of victims are traveling to Melbourne to lobby ANZ's institutional investors for investigating their complaint against ANZ.
02 Feb 2017 ABC
New Hope group backs australian agriculture, plans to invest $1b by 2020
Chinese investment in Australian agriculture is usually a magnet for controversy, but one Chinese company has remained immune from criticism, with plans to invest $1 billion by the end of the decade.
30 Jan 2017 The Land
Investors gain from rising Australian farm values and still more in the tank
Now and into 2017 agribusiness is being promoted as the next big thing, with increasing market activity, resulting in land and asset values accelerating at a greater rate towards a peak as local and international demand increases.
16 Jan 2017 Farm Weekly
Investors wake up to ag value
Canadian investors - particularly pension funds - have led the way in changing Australian city money attitudes to agriculture.
10 Dec 2016 Arabian Business
UAE's Al Dahra buys stake in Australian animal feed processor
Al Dahra Agriculture says deal will give it access to a strategic growers and suppliers base, in addition to farming land in Western Australia
21 Nov 2016 The Australian
Super funds start to consider agriculture investments
The notorious reluctance of Australian superannuation funds to invest in agriculture because of perceptions it is too risky, volatile and low-return may be slowly changing, according to key farm and food industry players.
07 Nov 2016 SMH
Chinese ownership of agricultural land soars above 3 million hectares
The amount of agricultural land owned by Chinese interests has soared above 3 million hectares, more than double the 1.46 million declared by the Australian Taxation Office last month, according to a Fairfax Media analysis of reported land sales.
30 Oct 2016 AFR
Australian Agricultural Company, the other landholder taken by foreign investors
Joe Lewis, the owner of football team Tottenham Hotspur, is the ultimate owner of the AA Trust, which has just converted 59 of 160 Convertible Notes into fully paid ordinary shares in AACo.
24 Oct 2016 RFI
Un consortium australien mis sur pied contre un investissement chinois
Quatre familles parmi les plus riches d’Australie s'associent pour s'interposer entre un investisseur chinois et son objectif, le groupe Kidman qui détient 2,5% des terres agricoles d’Australie et 185 000 têtes de bétail.
20 Oct 2016 Radio Australia
Empire Kidman : des éleveurs australiens défient Gina Rinehart
Un groupe d'éleveurs australiens contre la femme la plus riche du pays, alliée à un groupe chinois : c'est l'affiche d'un duel qui s'annonce passionnant, avec en ligne de mire, les terres agricoles de la famille Kidman.


New powerful documentary film on landgrabbing in Ethiopia launches kickstarter fundraising campaign to support land defenders

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