15 Nov 2016 El Watan
Engouement des opérateurs étrangers
Les investisseurs étrangers et nationaux se bousculent pour les grandes concessions agricoles en Algérie.
15 Nov 2016 Agence Ecofin
Après la Côte d’Ivoire, la Namibie interdit à son tour aux étrangers l’acquisition des terres agricoles
Le gouvernement namibien vient de soumettre au vote du parlement le projet de la Loi foncière 2016, dont la mesure phare est l’interdiction aux étrangers d’acquérir des terres en Namibie.
04 Aug 2016 MATV
Objectif «grenier de l’Océan Indien» : Madagascar obtient 130 millions USD de la COI
Le grand projet de la Commission de l’Océan Indien de faire de Madagascar le grenier de la Région sera quasi effectif.
16 Jul 2016 Standard
EU, Ethiopia, Germany launch 3.8 million euro project to support agricultural investments in Ethiopia
Today, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources with support from the European Union and Germany launched a 3.8 million euro project to support responsible agricultural investment in Ethiopia.
23 May 2016 Radio Mundo Real
How agribusiness acts in Europe
Real World Radio interviewed Paula Gioia, member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft der bauerliche Landwirtschaft and the European Coordination of La Via Campesina during the International Conference on Agrarian Reform in Pará, Brazil.
20 May 2016 ARTE
Wanted ! Terres agricoles
Ce mois de mai a vu expirer la dernière règlementation transitoire qui devait protéger les "nouveaux venus" d’Europe de l’Est, contre les investisseurs étrangers à l’affût des terres agricoles.
04 Feb 2016 Cambodia Daily
Cambodia: In frustration, Germany ends land rights work
After Canada, Denmark, Finland and the World Bank, Germany is ending its work on land rights in Cambodia, a strong indictment of the government’s at­titude toward land grabbing.
22 Dec 2015 Feronia
Feronia secures $49M term facility for palm oil operations
Canadian company developing plantations in the DRC announces new financing from a syndicate of European development funds, backed by Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK.
17 Dec 2015 ASO
Concerned citizens present petition denouncing arrest and detention of Ethiopian human rights defenders
A petition denouncing the unjust imprisonment of three Ethiopian human rights defenders is being presented this week to the Ethiopian government as well as its financial backers.
30 Nov 2015 Maria Heubuch
Land rush: Sellout of Europe’s agricultural land
Study shows that the concentration of agricultural land in Europe constitutes a major threat to sustainable small- and medium-scale agriculture and young farmers
21 Oct 2015 ASO
International organisations launch petition in support of jailed Ethiopian activists as court date approaches
The three activists, who face terrorism charges for attempting to attend a workshop on food security, face a court hearing in Addis Ababa on October 22.
30 Sep 2015 Arte
La ruée vers les terres agricoles - ARTE documentaire
La concentration des terres dans les mains de grands groupes explose, notamment en Europe, au détriment des petits agriculteurs. Comment réformer un modèle aux airs d’agrobusiness ?


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