21 Sep 2016 Land Portal
Land Portal launches innovative dynamic country portfolios based on linked open data
Inclusive approach in concert with Mekong region partners forges unprecedented access to data and information on land
03 Aug 2016 Reuters
Suu Kyi tackles military land grabs in test of new Myanmar government
When Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) stormed to power in elections last November, its victory was fueled in part by rural anger over land seizures and the party’s pledge to provide redress.
01 Aug 2016 VoA
Group warns of rising ASEAN land grab conflicts
International Federation for Human Rights says Southeast Asia is facing increasing conflicts and violence over land grab activity. A “land grab” relates to taking land quickly, forcefully and often illegally.
06 Jul 2016 The Irrawaddy
Burma: Parliament receives thousands of new complaints of confiscated farmland
Some 200,000 acres (81,000 ha) of farmland have been confiscated nationwide during past decades
23 Jun 2016 Quartz
Food is getting so expensive in India that it now wants to farm in Africa and Myanmar
India, one of the world’s largest consumers and importers of pulses, may soon take over agricultural land in Africa and Myanmar to meet growing demand in its domestic market.
01 Mar 2016 Financial Times
The great land rush
FT correspondents report on the global race for land from Ethiopia, Myanmar and Indonesia.
29 Feb 2016 Khmer Times
Conflict, companies stoke land grabs in Myanmar’s Kachin State
Villagers say they were not consulted about plans to turn their land into grazing grounds and believe it was a ploy by officials who planned to profit from renting out 300 acres to a Chinese company for a banana plantation.
23 Feb 2016 Reuters
Conflict and powerful companies stoke land disputes in Myanmar's Kachin
A 2015 report said Kachin, Myanmar's northernmost state bordering China, has the second largest number of land confiscations, fuelled by the outgoing semi-civilian government liberalisation policies that have driven up land prices and attract foreign and domestic investment.
02 Oct 2015 Local Action Links
Land grabbing and impacts to small-scale farmers in Southeast Asia sub-region
This paper aims to study the situation of land grabbing and its impacts on small-scale farmers in 5 countries, namely Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
06 Sep 2015 Reuters
Myanmar land activist faces prison
While powerful businessmen and military officials are responsible for most of the displacement, foreign investors often benefit from the land grabs.
15 Aug 2015 HRW
Burma: Land rights activists are newest political prisoners
Arrests in Karen State target those assisting farmers fighting land grabs, says Human Rights Watch.
31 May 2015 Xinhua
Myanmar works for formulating policy framework for foreign investment in agriculture
"There will be concerns about agriculture investment unless land ownership is opened to foreign investors,' says the OECD's Jan Rielander.


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