27 May 2016
Síntese do Encontro de Convergência e Resistência do Movimento não ao ProSavana
Decorreu em Nampula, nos dias 6 e 7 de Maio, o encontro de Convergência e Resistência do Movimento Não ao ProSavana.
26 May 2016 Agritotal
Brasil busca levantar restricción para compra de terrenos agrícolas
Hasta ahora, está limitada la cantidad de tierras que pueden tener los extranjeros en Brasil.
26 May 2016 Reuters
Brazil to lift limits on foreigners' owning of land
Brazil's government plans to lift current limits on foreign ownership of agricultural land, Secretary of Investment Moreira Franco, the person behind privatization for the new administration, told Reuters on Wednesday.
25 May 2016 TeleSur
Brazil coup government to legalize foreign land grabbing
The expected lifting of foreign land ownership will be a windfall for the timber, soy and sugar industries -- and a nightmare for campesinos.
25 May 2016
ProSavana files
A collection of official ProSavana files and reports from 2009 to 2016.
19 May 2016 Guardian
Brazil's Guarani Indians killing themselves over loss of ancestral land
Arson attacks and eviction at gunpoint for plantations driving many to despair and take their own lives.
16 May 2016 Agrimoney
Dry weather forces BrasilAgro to slash corn sowings
Land prices are up across Brazil, with prices in the Northeast up 7.5% over the past 12 month, BrasilAgro said.
10 May 2016 World Development
China and Brazil in African agriculture
Special issue of World Development suggests a key feature of Brazilian and Chinese engagements in African agriculture is the role of state–business relations in shaping and steering development, suggesting new forms of developmentalism.
09 May 2016 Publica
Capitalismo selvagem à brasileira
Empresas que se instalaram em Moçambique através de projetos exportados pelo Brasil avançam sobre as terras dos camponeses enquanto o país, em crise, se afasta dos programas de cooperação.
03 May 2016 Bloomberg
Chinese firm said to take control of Brazilian soybean exporter
A unit of China’s Shanghai Pengxin Group Co. bought a controlling stake in Brazil’s soybean trader and biodiesel maker Fiagril Ltda for $286 million, marking the first major Chinese acquisition of an agricultural company in Brazil.
02 May 2016 IHU
Falta de informações sobre estrutura fundiária e estrangeirização é intencional
“Quando o Estado não tem informações bem definidas sobre seu território, configura-se uma situação de precariedade dos registros que impede análises mais aprofundadas da questão fundiária e, portanto, da questão agrária”, diz o geógrafo.
02 May 2016 Reuters
Brazil land activists facing 'increased intimidation' with six killings in 2016
Land rights campaigners and environmentalists are facing growing violence and intimidation in Brazil, with at least six activists killed so far this year


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20 Mar 2017 - Washington DC
Conférence annuelle sur la terre et la pauvreté 2017: Gouvernance responsable des terres : vers une approche pragmatique
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20 Mar 2017 - Washington DC
Land and Poverty Conference 2017: Responsible Land Governance—Towards an Evidence-Based Approach
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