03 Nov 2016 GRAIN
Pension funds fuel land grabs in Brazil
New animated video shows how a global farmland fund, managed by US financial giant TIAA-CREF, used a complex company structure to avoid restrictions on foreign investment in farmland in Brazil.
01 Nov 2016 Bain & Co
Before you go and buy the farm
Bain & Company analysis has identiied four approaches that public companies are taking to invest in agriculture.
16 Oct 2016 TV5Monde
"Terres à vendre" : un tour du monde de l'accaparement des terres agricoles
Le livre-reportage Terres à vendre est une minutieuse enquête sur les rachats de terres agricoles par l'agroindustrie, de partout sur la planète. Un ouvrage édifiant et inquiétant sur un phénomène mondial en pleine expansion.
11 Oct 2016 Bloomberg
Brazilians flee drought-ravaged land once touted as frontier
Weather challenges in the region, called Matopiba after the first two letters of Maranhao, Tocantins, Piaui and Bahia states, shouldn’t have flabbergasted farmers and investors. What’s been surprising is the voracious appetite for planting there.
06 Oct 2016 MST
Brasil: “Cardápio” da bancada ruralista traz venda de terras a estrangeiros como prioridade
Frente Parlamentar Agropecuária (FPA) pauta em seu “cardápio” a aprovação do Projeto de Lei (PL) 4059/2012, que pretende liberar no território brasileiro.
06 Oct 2016 Outras Palavras
Fundo americano de professores passa a controlar 270 mil hectares no Brasil
TIAA tinha metade da Radar, mas Cosan vendeu parte de sua fatia; relatório de 2015 diz que empresa adquiriu terras griladas e que compra de terras era ilegal
03 Oct 2016 Agrimoney
South America's farm operators lure another top investor
Ruane, Cunniff and Goldfarb has bought a 5.1% stake in BrasilAgro, which has a total landbank of more than 250,000 hectares - an area about the size of Luxembourg - in Brazil and Paraguay.
30 Sep 2016 TIAA
TIAA increases stake in joint venture with Cosan
TIAA pays R$1.1 billion to increase its stake in Radar Propriedades Agrícolas S.A, a joint-venture established in partnership with Cosan in 2008 which owns and manages rural properties in Brazil.
26 Sep 2016 Agrimoney
Expansion into palm oil's 'new frontier' snags on land muddles
Expansion of palm oil producers into Latin America, the "new frontier for global expansion" is snagging on confusion over land rights – which is encouraging some groups to expand into rainforest.
27 Aug 2016 Non à ProSavana
Déclaration conjointe et questions ouvertes sur ProSAVANA par la société civile du Mozambique, du Brésil et du Japon
ProSAVANA continue à favoriser les investissements dans le Corridor de Nacala sans aborder le problème de l’accaparement des terres.
27 Aug 2016 Não ao ProSavana
Comunicado conjunto e questionamentos da sociedade civil de Moçambique, Brasil e Japão sobre o ProSAVANA com relação aos documentos do governo recentemente vazados
Condenamos fortemente esta intervenção e manipulação da sociedade civil feita pelo governo como parte de um programa de cooperação internacional.
27 Aug 2016 No to ProSavana
Joint statement and open questions on ProSAVANA by the civil society of Mozambique, Brazil and Japan in response to newly leaked government documents
The ProSAVANA program intentionally weakens and creates division among peasants while there is an increased risk of even more peasants losing their land.


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