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23 Jan 2020 TIAA’s farmland funds linked to fires, conflicts and legacy deforestation risks in Brazil
CRR’s sustainability analysis shows that deforestation and fires have taken place on TIAA’s farmland portfolio in Brazil, enabling negative social impacts on local communities.
19 Aug 2020 Record breaking year for Brazil soy exports drives deforestation and land insecurity in the Cerrado Biome
As demand for Brazilian soy soars, agribusinesses and farmland developers are seizing the opportunity to expand in the biodiverse Cerrado biome in western Bahia, Brazil.
07 Nov 2019 The Chain: Cerrado fires show TIAA and Harvard’s Endowment face mounting deforestation risks
With fires on their Cerrado properties, Harvard’s and TIAA’s deforestation exposure appears to be growing.
13 Dec 2018 The Chain: BrasilAgro moves forward with deforestation at Chaparral
BrasilAgro, which is 40% owned by Argentina's Cresud, continues to clear land on its Chaparral farm in Correntina, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Bahia.
21 May 2020 BrasilAgro’s string of new farmland acquisitions signals ongoing land speculation
BrasilAgro, which recently merged with farmland investor Agrifirma, continues to aggressively implement its business model that focuses on the acquisition and transformation of Cerrado savanna into farmland.
16 Jul 2019 28 percent of Indonesia’s palm oil landbank is stranded
Report discusses figures and trends in the palm oil industry since 2017 and argues that oil palm development on forest and peatland will remain economically unviable for the foreseeable future.
18 Dec 2018 Foreign farmland investors in Brazil linked to 423,000 hectares of deforestation
Harvard University, the US pension fund manager TIAA/Nuveen and Japan's Mitsui are among the foreign companies buying up Brazilian farmlands that are responsible for over 420,000 ha of deforestation in the Cerrado since 2000.
02 Oct 2018 Cerrado deforestation disrupts water systems, poses business risks for soy producers
Report investigates how the water impacts within the region from deforestation associated with soy production may translate into business risks for agribuisness companies operating in the Cerrado.