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02 Jul 2019 Agriculture: Germ of an asset class
According to asset managers, a window is emerging for institutional money to flow into agriculture due to change of ownership, notably in markets such as Australia and the US.
30 Apr 2019 China touts agriculture cooperation with Belt-Road countries
China's investment in foreign agricultural projects is booming, according to statistics peddled by Chinese agricultural officials during "Belt and Road" summit held in Beijing.
Dim Sums
19 Apr 2019 Who owns the country? The secretive companies hoarding England's land
Multi-million pound corporations with complex structures have purchased the very ground we walk on – and we are only just beginning to discover the damage it is doing to Britain.
17 Apr 2019 Saudi-based SAK plans $100 mln Turkey investments despite tense ties
Saudi Arabia-based SAK Consultants is looking into investing in land or forming a partnership with landowners to export vegetables and meat to Saudi Arabia.
02 Apr 2019 One of Africa’s most fertile lands is struggling to feed its own people
Little of the 5 million acres [2.02 million hectares] that Sudan's agriculture ministry estimates are in foreign hands—perhaps less than 1 in 20 acres—has been cultivated.
17 Jan 2019 Kachin’s plantation curse
Illegally banana plantations backed by obscure nexus of Chinese investors are making quick profits for some, but fuelling land conflict and environmental degradation in Kachin province, Myanmar.
Frontier Myanmar
14 Jan 2019 Cameroun : Des femmes qui refusent de se taire
Louise Nkakè affirme qu’un jour des soldats l’ont agressée et poussée violemment avec leurs fusils pour ensuite lui confisquer les noix qu’elle cuisait sous prétexte que celles-ci auraient volées dans la plantation de la Socapalm. Elle a insisté sur le fait qu’il s’agissait de ses propres noix.
01 Oct 2018 Connect the dots: Cerrado soy drives inequality to provide EU with chicken
While large-scale soy growers say they’ve brought prosperity to the Cerrado, Campos Lindos has poverty levels far higher than the Brazilian average, lacks basic social services, and suffers high infant and maternal mortality rates.
26 Sep 2018 Oil palm in Peru: Destruction advancing upon the Amazon
Even though Peru is not a major player in the global palm oil market, according to some statistics, it is the country where this crop is expanding the fastest.
17 Sep 2018 Chinese investors shift agriculture practices in North
Widespread contract farming for Cavendish bananas to export to China began in the North of Thailand two years ago, along with a large-scale plantation owned by a Thai-Chinese joint venture.
The Nation
29 Aug 2018 FAO targets agriculture investments to end hunger In Africa
The African Development Bank and the FAO form a new strategic alliance that involves joint advocacy and policy advice activities to promote the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems.
24 Aug 2018 Rise of agri-cartel: Control of land drives human rights violations, environmental destruction
Control of land for crops that sustain the world’s largest food businesses, such as Ferrero and Nestle, is the driving force behind the destruction of land affecting both environment and people worldwide.
Globe Post
05 Aug 2018 Tanzania's indigenous communities racing to secure land eyed by investors
Tanzania has attracted huge interest as a destination for large-scale agricultural investment due to sufficient land and cheap labour. As traditional laws that once protected village land weaken, indigenous communities and farmers have repeatedly lost chunks of land facilitated by foreign investors.
InDepth News
31 Jul 2018 The village women taking on the palm oil giant
Award-winning Cameroonian journalist Madeleine Ngeunga and Fern’s Indra Van Gisbergen recently visited villages in the shadow of Socapalm’s oil palm plantations to see if issues driving the dispute between locals and the company are being resolved.
30 May 2018 Land-grabbing and the financialization of agricultural land
On the occasion of the publication of Transnational Corporations and Land Speculation in Brazil, Mary Taylor of LeftEast spoke with Fábio Pitta, Devlin Kuyek and Attila Szőcs about the broader implications of the report's findings.
30 Apr 2018 Understanding China's foreign agriculture investments in the developing world
China’s investment in foreign agriculture totaled $26 billion in 2016, with investments in 100 countries. But this may just be the tip of the iceberg. A new report by the United States Department of Agriculture to understand both the scale and purpose of foreign investment in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
30 Apr 2018 China’s agricultural investment abroad is rising
China’s agricultural investment abroad grew more than tenfold in less than a decade and parallels its emergence as a major importer of agricultural commodities. But the focus of investments are shifting from farming and raw materials to business acquisition.
25 Feb 2018 China, voracious buyer of foreign agricultural land
A Chinese tycoon's purchase of vast wheat fields in France highlights China's increasing acquisition of foreign farmland as the Asian giant seeks to keep up with its massive population's growing appetite.
The Star
24 Jan 2018 Brazilian farmland – Is the risk worth the reward?
In spite of a growing agricultural sector, attractive farmland prices and increasing foreign investment flowing into the sector, the decision to invest in Brazilian farmland is still very much a risk versus reward consideration.
01 Dec 2017 New farmland restrictions on foreign buyers welcome
The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) is very pleased that the Government announced that, as of December 2017, the rules around foreigners buying NZ farmland have been tightened up.
10 Aug 2017 Japanese traders eye Davao agri investments
Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC) chief Lemuel Ortonio met with a group of Japanese investors to discuss available areas for investment in Davao thriving agriculture sector.
Manila Bulletin
14 Jul 2017 LatAm is most murderous region for land, environmental activists: report
Latin America is the most dangerous region in the world for activists fighting for their land or trying to safeguard the environment, according to a Global Witness report, which also provides insight into why these defenders are at such high risk.
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13 Jun 2017 Agro outsourcing target: 10,000 hectares in Kazakhstan
Iran's South Khorasan Province aims to get hold of 10,000 ha of farmland in Kazakhstan for its own food production. Ukraine is also being targeted.
Financial Tribune
12 May 2017 Teren de Vanzare – Land for sale: Romanian peasants’ struggle against land grabbing
In Europe we tend to relegate the idea of land grabbing to the global South, yet it is happening much closer to home than we perhaps realize.
Slow Food
05 Feb 2017 Whose crops, at what price? Agricultural investment in Myanmar
Oxfam looks at the current level and types of agribusiness investment in Myanmar, outlines some of the risks to communities, and explores state regulation of outbound investments as a potential way to promote responsible business practices in the sector.
30 Jan 2017 Papuans still unhappy over Merauke food and oil palm project
Strong distrust remains among the indigenous Papuans of Indonesia's Merauke regency about a major "food estate" project.
Radio NZ
24 Jan 2017 Khartoum provides Saudi investors new guarantees
There are 196 Saudis investing in the agricultural sector in Sudan and they basically focus on wheat, corn and feed.
Asharq Al-Awsat
16 Jan 2017 Cassava pact with Chinese firm 'a big boost'
Tanzania has entered into a $US 1 billion partnership agreement on commercialisation of cassava farming and processing with Tanzania Agricultural Export Processing Zone Limited and Epoch Agriculture from China.
Daily News
30 Nov 2016 Making national land policy inclusive and people-centred
The Tanzanian government has held a series of stakeholders meetings to enable different interest groups to present their views on the draft National Land Policy, 2016.
The Citizen
16 Nov 2016 Namibia tables bill to ban foreign ownership of land - report
Namibia's lands minister Utoni Nujoma has reportedly tabled a bill that would see foreign nationals being barred from owning land in the southern African country.
News 24