Foreign companies to invest more than $500 Million in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial sector, chemical industry

Astana Times | 19 June 2021

Foreign companies to invest more than $500 Million in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial sector, chemical industry

NUR-SULTAN – Newly announced foreign investments from Dutch, Turkish and Arab companies are expected to finance projects worth more than $500 million in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial sector and chemical industry, reported the press service of the Kazakh Invest national company.
A $273 million (117 billion tenge) meat processing plant will be built in the East Kazakhstan region. The project is being launched by Kazakhstan’s Eco Meat Vostok company in partnership with the Kazakh Invest, FinSight Ventures investment fund and the British company Brown and Co. This will create approximately 2,000 jobs. A workshop for waste processing into organic fertilizers is also expected. The geographical position of the region allows for the export of products to China and Southeast Asia. 
“The plant will operate using advanced technologies including robotic production. All breeding stock will be imported from Denmark. The cultivation will be carried out in a completely closed plant, which absolutely excludes the contact of livestock with domestic and wild animals,” said Regional Director of Kazakh Invest for the East Kazakhstan region Nartai Beysekov.
The Dutch delegation visited Almaty, Aktobe and West Kazakhstan regions and Almaty on June 2. The delegation included the Food Ventures, KUBO, Van Der Hoeven, Certhon, Gakon, Dalsem, Hoogendoorn, Svensson, Gakon and Priva companies. 
According to Kazakh Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Askar Zhumagaliyev,  six memorandums worth more than $238 million (€200 million) of investments were signed during the visit. 
The Dutch company Van Der Hoeven will invest $35 million in the construction of the greenhouse facility in the West Kazakhstan region. 
“We are interested in Dutch companies both in terms of direct investments and sharing of advanced technologies, as well as a successful cooperation between the state, business, science and education,” said Chairman of the Management Board at Kazakh Invest Meirzhan Yussupov.
The Dutch delegation also met Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin on June 3. 
The investment in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex was discussed during the visit of the U.A.E. company Al Dahra to Kazakhstan on June 8. The company’s representatives met with officials of the Kazakh Invest, the Samruk Kazyna Invest and the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture and discussed a sustainable agro-industrial sector and the possible creation of an agricultural fund. 
The bilateral ties between the U.A.E. and Kazakhstan in terms of trade and agriculture were confirmed during the meeting of Prime Minister Mamin with Arab Minister of State for Food and Water Security of the U.A.E. Mariam Almheiri on June 11. 
Kazakh Invest has also prepared investment proposals with nine projects worth $600 million to potential investors in the chemical industry.
It is reported that the Turkish company Brimstone Sulfur Provider will invest $10 million into sulfur bentonite production in the West Kazakhstan region.


Investment Portal, East Kazakhstan Region | 16 June 2021

East Kazakhstan region, with the support of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC, intends to build a meat processing complex. The project was initiated by Eco Meat Vostok Ltd with the support of the FinSight Ventures Investment Fund and the Brown & Co English Company.  
The construction of the complex will include a feed mill with a capacity of 184,000 tons per year, a breeding and genetic farm with a capacity of 20,000 heads per year, a slaughter facility with a capacity of 39,000 tons of meat per year, 3 commercial farms with a capacity of 400,000 heads per year. The total cost of the project with the phased financing until 2024 will amount to KZT117 billion.
“The complex will use the most modern technologies, provided for robotic production. All breeding stock will be imported from Denmark. The livestock raising will be carried out in a completely closed complex, which absolutely excludes contact of livestock with domestic and wild animals,” said Nartai Beisekov, Regional Director of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC in East Kazakhstan region.
The investors stress that this production will be completely waste-free. It is planned to build a workshop for further processing of waste into organic fertilizers in order to provide local agricultural producers with it on a free basis.
It is also planned to create about 2,000 new jobs at the enterprise. The recruitment and placement of personnel will be carried out primarily among the local population. It is planned to train and retrain personnel to obtain the necessary highly qualified specialists.
By the way, the project is aimed at supplying products to China and the countries of Southeast Asia. It is worth noting that the placement of the new project's facilities in East Kazakhstan region will significantly reduce logistics costs when delivering products to end consumers in China.
For reference: FinSight Ventures is a venture fund founded in 2012 by two partners - Alexey Garyunov and Viktor Remsha. It specializes in international investments in technology companies in the financial sector.
Brown & Co is a leading provider of agricultural consulting services. It is a leading provider of agency, professional and advisory services in the rural, commercial and residential real estate, agriculture and the environment.
Original source: Astana Times

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