Mapping Cambodia's land concession

LICADHO| 25 April 2015

Land contracts awarded to foreign companies in Cambodia. Green represents Vietnamese companies, Red areas are Chinese-owned, and Yellow for Malaysian firms. Image from Licadho.
Mapping Cambodia's land concession

In May 2012, the Prime Minister signed a directive declaring a moratorium on the granting of new Economic Land Concessions (ELCs). The directive also contained the announcement of a systematic review of ELCs. However, so far the government has yet to fully disclose the extent of its grand land giveaway.

To date, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery has published an oversimplified and incomplete list of companies; the Ministry of Environment has done even less, simply releasing the total number of companies involved and the total land area leased. Neither has disclosed the exact location of the 2.1 million hectares of Cambodian land covered by existing ELCs. A proper review can only be carried out if the government fully disclose all its land dealings to the public.

LICADHO is releasing its land concession dataset and renewing its call for the government to fully disclose all concessions. We hope the information can help progress the debate on the ELC scheme and its impacts.

See the dataset here

Who's involved?

Who's involved?


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