Call for lease of state­-owned land in Dzumajlija

Officials from India's Sahara Group announcing an investment in a 20,000 cow dairy farm at the Dzumajlija agricultural complex in 2013.
Republika | 23 April 2015

Call for lease of state­-owned land in Dzumajlija

A total of 30 companies submitted letters of interest at a public call for expressing interest to lease agricultural land owned by the state company Dzumajlija, which was closed on April 22, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Waster Management says Thursday.

Of those, 14 are foreign companies, including five from Italy, five from Turkey and one each from Germany, Spain, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Letters of interest were also submitted by 15 local companies and one company with a mixed capital. The companies are mainly interested in one or two geographical fallows.

Dzumajlija’s farmland spreads on an area of 4,435 hectares located in 14 cadastre municipalities, which are grouped in four geographical fallows estimated between 1,000 and 1,200 hectares. The companies are obliged to file a business plan with the amount of total investments, description of applied technologies, mechanisation and the planned number of employees.

The objective of the call was to identify the interested parties and their interest for the type of production. After analyzing the plans, the Agriculture Ministry will issue a public announcement calling all companies to send applications and take part in an electronic bidding.

Who's involved?

Who's involved?


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