ENOUGH is ENOUGH: Attacks on IPs escalate, another Indigenous leader killed in Misamis Oriental!

Gilbert Paborada, Chairperson of PANGALASAG was shot dead just this afternoon.

Rural Missionaries of the Philippinest| Wednesday, 03 October 2012

ENOUGH is ENOUGH: Attacks on IPs Escalate, Another Indigenous Leader Killed in Misamis Oriental!

He was shot dead around 2pm this afternoon inside a house that has become his sanctuary for months now. He is a human rights defender at-risk. Initial report by Jonah Cossma Jumagbas, Alternate Coordinator of RMP-NMR, who is in the site now with the quick reaction team composed of human rights organizations revealed that 8 bullets peppered Paborada's body.

Details to follow.

(Background here: http://www.rmp-nmr.org/index.php/campaigns/101-indigenous-organization-under-constant-harassment-and-threats-calls-for-the-pulling-out-of-a-palm-oil-plantation-project-in-their-community)

Who's involved?

Who's involved?


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