ECSSR praises UAE diplomacy in Latin America

Emirates News Agency | 2009-10-19

WAM Abu Dhabi, 19th Oct. 2009 (WAM) -- The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, (ECSSR), has described the tour of H.H Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Latin America as significant milestone in relations of UAE with these countries.

In its editorial on Monday titled "Support Relations with the Countries of Latin America" the ECSSR daily bulletin ''Akhbar Al-Sa'ah'' said that the Emirati approach to Latin America refers to UAE diplomatic ability in moving towards different areas on the international arena and creating new opportunities for cooperation and coordination with regional and international powers.

The editorial believed that on one hand, Latin America covers number of emerging powers that have political and economical influence and on the other hand, it gives great importance to its relations with the UAE, the Gulf States and the Arab world.

It also pointed out that there are many investment opportunities vital to UAE national economy in Latin America, such as agricultural investment, which Sheikh Abdullah referred during his visit to Colombia, saying that the UAE is interested in investing in agriculture sector as one of the strongest sectors in Colombia due to the availability of fertile land and natural irrigation systems.

The editorial concluded by saying that interest and hospitality of Latin America confirms UAE standing internationally and its good image in the East and West.
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Source: WAM