Spreading Arabs in Serbia own 12,000 hectares, main competitors Matijevic and Kostic

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Blic 12/04/2019

Spreading Arabs in Serbia own 12,000 hectares, main competitors Matijevic and Kostic

Abu Dhabi-based Elite Agro LLC, a cereal-producing company, recently acquired 100 percent ownership of AL Rawafed Holding, making the Arab company the owner of 12,000 hectares of arable land in Serbia and joining the group of leading domestic landowners.

As recently announced in a merger decision issued by the Commission for the Protection of Competition, the main competing Arabs are now Agrar Matijevic with about 30,000 ha, MK Group Miodrag Kostic with about 25,000 ha, PKB recently also sold to Arab Al Dahra with about 18,000 ha , Almeh 15,000 ha and Miroslav Miskovic Delta Agrar with about 12,000 hectares.

The Commission allowed the concentration on the grounds that the concentration would not significantly affect the market share of the two companies, in the segment of the three main products. This information was provided to the Commission by Elite Agro.

Elite Agro is 100 percent owned by Yugo Ellite Agro in the Serbian market, which owns Zobnatica from Backa Topola.

AL Rawafed Serbia covers approximately 10,400 hectares mainly cultivating wheat, corn, sunflower and soybeans, of which 2,586 hectares of its own land, and the rest of the land is used on the basis of business cooperation agreements and through a lease agreement .

The Yugo Elite, through Zobnatica, cultivates 1,600 acres of land.
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