Israelis to build dairy factory
Khmer Times| 27 November 2017

Israelis to build dairy factory

by Chea Vannak

A group of Israeli investors plans to invest in Cambodia’s dairy industry, a move that would bolster production of milk-based products that can be used to meet growing local demand as well as for export, an official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recently said.

Nao Thuok, secretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture, said a delegation of businessmen from the Middle Eastern nation have finalised market studies on the Cambodian dairy industry.

The group has chosen Takeo province to raise a herd of 500 cattle over 300 hectares of land as the first phase of their plans in Cambodia.

“It is important to have investment in dairy cattle farms because Cambodia now depends on imports alone to supply dairy products to the local market and doesn’t have the capacity to export any dairy products,” Mr Thuok said, adding that the investment will create many jobs for Cambodians.

“The company has already selected a location for the dairy farm and has now to discuss the next step in the project.

“This is great news for Cambodia. As we all know, Israel has a very advanced and mechanized agricultural sector, and we hope they will be bringing a lot of their technology into the kingdom,” Mr Thuok explained.

Cattle for the proposed farm will be brought into the country from Vietnam, where the Israeli companies already have investments in the dairy industry, said Mr Thuok.

He added that the delegation’s investment plans were revealed during a recent meeting with Meir Shlomo, the newly-appointed Israeli ambassador to Cambodia.

Angkor Dairy Products – Cambodia’s only dairy factory – is located in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone. Its raw materials are imported from Denmark, Poland and the United States.

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Source: Khmer Times