Dealing in Africa with land issues in a human rights perspective

FIAN | 23 February 2015

Dealing in Africa with land issues in a human rights perspective

A new Haki Zetu booklet, co-published by FIAN and Amnesty International, on "Land and Human Rights" provides information and guidance on how to defend land rights, monitor land policies and violations, advocate, campaign and seek redress for land-related violations.

Land conflicts, “land grabbing” and women’s limited access to land are major problems in Africa. In these processes, human rights are often trampled upon. Though land rights are not enshrined in human rights treaties, human rights standards can be called upon to address these violations.

As part of the Haki Zetu handbook series - a practical toolkit for local NGOs and community-based organizations working with communities to realize their economic, social and cultural rights, a complementary booklet on Land and Human Rights has been co-published by FIAN International and Amnesty International.

This toolkit aims to support local activists and development workers who use a rights-based approach to tackle economic and social problems. The booklet provides information about the relationship between land and human rights, and provides guidance about defending these rights, monitoring land policies and violations, advocating, campaigning and seeking redress for violations related to land.

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