Weekly roundup of the most insightful farmland investment & agribusiness themed reports and whitepapers

Each week Land Commodities’ research department scours the internet looking for newly released reports, academic papers and research with relevance to agriculture. The most notable examples are summarised in a weekly roundup. Click on the links below for a summary and free download of any of these reports.

Bubbles and troubles in the farmland market – What can history tell us?
Since 1910 farmland values in the United States increased at an average internal rate of 4%. Prior to the recent boom in prices there have been only two other periods where land values increased by over 200% in under two decades. Both of these rapid these of these periods of rapid appreciation were followed by significant decreases in value. What do these past booms and busts have to tell us about the current market? Download the report
Is the relationship between cash rents and land values explained by land quality?
Illinois University’s Department of Agriculture uses newly released USDA data on average farmland cash rents to analyse the relationship between rental rates and agricultural production potential. How do rental returns compare for different classes of land and are different classes of land rationally priced bearing in mind rental rates? Download the report
Southern African agriculture and climate change – A comprehensive review of the state of the science
In advance of the latest IPPC report a group of agricultur­al academics and climate change researchers produce the most comprehensive analysis to date of the scope of climate change as it relates to agriculture in southern Africa. With the population in Sub-Saharan Africa predicted to surge from around 850 million today to around 1.7 billion by 2050, this is crucial reading, not just for anyone interested in the region, but also in how this might impact upon food security in a globalised world. Download the report
Documenting the current state of the climate denial machine vs climate science
This report from Greenpeace provides and interesting and reasonably concise overview of the attacks on climate science and climate scientists ahead of the publication of the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. Meanwhile, the scientific consensus - and evidence - continues to grow that climate change is both real and anthropomorphic and no amount of denial will change the fact that this has very real implications for farmers and investors in the years to come. Download the report
Food wastage - Challenges and investment opportunities in the global food supply chain
TheFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that each year, approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost or wasted.
This report provides insight into the regions and parts of the food supply chain where the greatest wastage and environmental costs exist, the thus, where the best opportunities for investing in solutions may lie. Download the report

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