The Philippines offers Indonesia to open palm oil plantation
Republika Online | 1 June 2013

Government of Philippines offered Indonesian state-owned plantations company to develop palm oil plantations in Mindanao on area of 120 thousand hectares (ha). State-Owned Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan said as an initial stage, Philippines had prepared a land area of 25 thousand hectares.

"Government of Philippines explained it during my visit to Manila," Iskan said on Saturday then added that both countries had discussed bilateral cooperation in investment.

According to Iskan, Philippines is seriously developing oil industry in their country, particularly in the Southern Philippines. The country will build palm oil manufacturers with high technology.

Philippines considered that Indonesia was a country that had developed palm oil industry exceeded Malaysian palm oil industry. Philippines also mentioned their interest to bring aircrafts made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia, such as CN-235, NC-212 and CN-295.
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Source: Republika