Poland farmers protest sale of land to foreign multinationals
Digital Journal | 8 January 2012

By Anne Sewell

In four cities in Poland, farmers are demonstrating against Polish farmland being sold to foreign multinationals. Now they need international support for their protests, along with help educating the Polish public about GMOs.

Digital Journal reported on Monday that, despite the fact that Poland had banned GM corn and potatoes, the Seeds Act was not vetoed by government and GM seeds can still be traded in Poland. However, GMOs are not the only problem in Poland right now. It seems there is a loophole in Polish law, that is being exploited to sell Polish farmland to foreign multinationals. Protests have been ongoing for three weeks in four cities in Poland and the Polish government is trying to manipulate the farmers to make them give up the fight. Farmers are rightfully angry and have been blocking roads and admin centers associated with the scam. They are also demonstrating for the right to sell their food locally and to block GMO products in Poland.

The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) has had several successes between 2004 and 2006 in the fight against GMOs in Poland. All polish provinces declared themselves as GMO-free and the Polish government passed an act which prohibited the use of GMO seeds and plants in agriculture. But, as is natural these days, the pro-GMO lobby didn't give up in the country. They are now making intensive pro-GMO propaganda on all levels - for academics, farmers, politicians and consumers. They are producing pro-GMO articles, organizing meetings and training sessions, where they provide free materials, all, of course saying how good GMO products are. The latest is that the Polish government is attempting to pass a correction to the GMO act, whereby the use of GMO seeds would be allowed in so-called 'designated GMO areas'. ICPPC now wishes to counteract these pro-GMO activities, using effective tools to educate Polish society about the threats and dangers of GMOs. The group has translated the full version of the above video clip, "Life Running Out of Control", to make a Polish version. They now need to make thousands of copies of this film and to distribute them around Poland.

Anyone wishing to help Poland in their fight for farmers' rights and against GMO products can donate here. To see more about the farmers' protests, Protest Rolników, their Facebook page can be accessed here.
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Source: Digital Journal 

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