Senegal, Final declaration of the Family Farms International forum
Via Campesina | 6 December 2012

We, representatives of the CNCR member farmers' and producers' organizations, as well as other national platforms member of the ROPPA (Network of West-African Farmers' and Producers' Organizations), met from 20 to 22 November, 2012 in Dakar with technical services officers and technical and financial partners in the framework of the international forum "Family farms constitute the primary food and wealth suppliers in West Africa"

Confirm the significance of the potential and current function of family farms,

Recognize further that:

Refuse and condemn:

Call for the ECOWAS member States and any agricultural and rural development stakeholders to give high priority to the following recommendations:

Today it is urgently necessary that all stakeholders joint their efforts to respond to this issue:

What investments, for which production systems, for which product, for which market, and for the benefit of whom?

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Source: Via Campesina

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