The impact of Europe’s policies and practices on African agriculture and food security: Land grab study

FIAN | 21-07-2010

“Advancing African Agriculture” (AAA): The Impact of Europe’s Policies and Practices on African Agriculture and Food Security

Land Grab Study

Written by Alison Graham, Sylvain Aubry, Rolf Künnemann and Sofía Monsalve Suárez - FIAN

“This report focuses on the role of the EU and its member states in land grabbing in Africa. Even though it is reported that the major current international investors are the Gulf States, China and South Korea, this reports sheds light on the EU’s involvement land acquisition in Africa and on the EU members States’ responsibility in implementing policies that have increased demand for land acquistion. Given the fact that six European countries are among the biggest investors in terms of outwards Foreign Direct Investment stock in agriculture (in descendent order Italy, Norway, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France), their role cannot be neglected and deserves closer examination. The report is based on the preliminary work done by NGOs and international organizations and agencies. It identifies and maps land grabbing’s potential and actual impacts on African rural population and human rights issues and concerns surrounding land grabbing. Furthermore, it formulates some policy recommendations to the EU member States, which are both individually and collectively, duty-bound to cooperate in advancing peasant farming in Africa within the framework of the right to adequate food in order to address the problems posed by land grabbing”

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