Government agrees to develop agriculture farm and plantation with Elite Agro UAE LLC
Sampit Prokal| 18 October 2019

Government agrees to develop agriculture farm and plantation with Elite Agro UAE LLC

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Central Kalimantan provincial government (Kalteng) cooperates with Elite Agro United Arab Emirates (UAE) LLC to develop agriculture and plantation sector. As initial step, government will prepare 5,000 hectares of land.
Central Kalimantan governor Sugianto Sabran said that this cooperation will bring major impact on economic development. Therefore to ensure the successful of the initial development in that 5,000 hectares of land, government will continue to oversee the implementation of these activities.
The governor ensured that he will soon coordinate with district governments whose territory would be the location of the development. Elite Agro UAE LLC has sent a team to further review the development plan.
This cooperation will not only affect agriculture and plantation sectors, but will also accommodate employment sector. Therefore, provincial government ensured to oversee and monitor the implementation of the activities.
"I will include all the developments into suitable regions. Later I will coordinate with relevant agencies and district governments to monitor the implementation on the field, " Sabran concluded.
"It’s true that Central Kalimantan was asked to prepare 100,000 hectares of land, but because it is a new project, we prepared 5,000 hectares first. But this will slowly developed further" he said following the meeting with UAE Elite Agro LLC on Thursday, 17 October.

Questioned about agricultural and plantation development area, the Governor refused to mention the exact location.

"For now, there is no need to reveal the exact location; it will only bring out protest noise. But surely the development will be in central areas that are most suitable for fruits and vegetables, agriculture and plantations produces" he stated.
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