• Funds: Eastern Europe the focus for "Green Revolution II" investors
    • Business New Europe
    • 05 October 2009

    It isn't often you sit down with a fund manager and begin the interview by discussing their new film.

  • Razzia chinoise sur terres camerounaises
    • ARTE
    • 12 September 2009

    Après le pétrole, les minerais, les Chinois à la conquête des terres agricoles africaines…Exemple au Cameroun

  • Du Riz et des Hommes
    • Switch Asbl
    • 25 August 2009

    Film de Yann Verbeke

  • Ukraine's agricultural revolution
    • BBC
    • 24 August 2009

    "The reasons [Ukrainians] choose to lease [Landkom] their land has nothing to do with money - it is an emotional desire to see their region go forward, that's all," says Paul Spinks.

  • Neocolonialismo. Compra de tierras
    • Visión Siete
    • 22 August 2009

    El incremento de las compras masivas de terrenos en África y otros continentes aumenta el riesgo de que los pobres se vean desposeídos o se les impida el acceso a la tierra y el agua. Informe de TV Pública, Argentina.

  • Foras rice project in Mauritania
    • YouTube
    • 11 August 2009

    Foras Investment Company conducted a pre-feasibility study on rice plantation in Mauritania in 2008. The aim of the study is to sieze the opportunity of setting up a rice farm on 2000 hectares in Rosso area.

  • Laos faces deepening food crisis
    • Al Jazeera
    • 27 July 2009

    The Lao government says it's determined to improve the lives of its people by attracting foreign money. But in a country where simply putting food on the table is a daily challenge for many, their foreign investment may hinder more than help.

  • Uruguay farm visit (with CII)
    • YouTube
    • 22 July 2009

    Visit to a 2000 hectare farm in Uruguay on July 4, 2009 with Vinod Surana, CEO of Surana and Surana and leader of CII delegation from India visiting Argentina and Uruguay on June 29 - July 3, 2009

  • Agriculture Outsourcing: South America/Latin America farmland investing
    • YouTube
    • 21 July 2009

    Corporate pitch from Uruguay-based private equity firm Allied Venture for Indian investors to go into outsourced agriculture in Latin America

  • Agriculture Outsourcing: South America/Latin America farmland investing
    • YouTube
    • 21 July 2009

    Allied Venture promo video for Indian investors

  • "Land grabbing" : l’accaparement de terres en Afrique se poursuit
    • cDurable.info
    • 17 July 2009

    Ouyang Riping, PDG d’une société agricole chinoise, a une mission : transformer le Sénégal en grenier à sésame… pour la Chine ! Dakar lui cède 60 000 hectares pour cultiver et exporter le sésame vers Pékin. En échange, les chinois apprennent aux paysans sénégalais à obtenir deux récoltes de riz par an. Coopération originale ou marché de dupes ?

  • Rich states shouldn't grab 3rd World's farmland
    • Yomiuri Shimbun
    • 12 July 2009

    Rather than participating in the race for farmland overseas, Japan should concentrate on raising its food self-sufficiency rate, which is now at about 40 percent.

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