Tierras agrícolas en peligro

Los efectos de la apropiación de tierras agrícolas por corporaciones y capitales extranjeros bajo la lupa, en vísperas de la conferencia mundial de la FAO sobre soberanía alimentaria

(Secure) Food for thought

Interview with Kieran Forde, an Irishman who works in Saudi Arabia for the Tabuk Agriculture Company (TADCO), which will be shifting food production for the Saudi market to Egypt

Congo Brazzaville/South Africa land deal

Peter Ndoro spoke to Dr Yao Graham, coordinator of Third World Network-Africa, a development agency, asking whether these deals really transfer technical expertise to locals.

Should Africa resist 'land grabbing'?

Can these deals benefit Africa? Have you been affected by one of these land deals? Should countries be leasing fertile land to foreign investors? Join a live BBC debate on 21 October 2009.

Rural poor petition Cambodian authorities over land grab

A group of 300 Cambodian people affected by land grabs and evictions - and representing thousands more - gathered in Phnom Penh yesterday to tell the government of their concerns, and to call with a single voice on the government and donor nations to act to protect their land.

Outsourcing agriculture to poor countries

"The big fear I have and which many people have is that these foreign investments shall increase the gap between the happy few large-scale producers who will benefit and the vast majority of small-scale producers who will be further marginalized," says Olivier de Schutter