Has Cambodia become a country for sale?

Around 15% of Cambodian land has been signed over to private companies, a third of them foreign, using leases under which they promise to develop the plots and provide jobs.

Land deals of wealthy nations

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ruth Meinzen-Dick, a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, about the downside of land deals between countries.

Mali helps Libya with leased farmland

The farner’s union claims that the Malibya deal was done behind closed doors and then presented as a fait accompli, a deal that effectively hands over control of Mali’s main rice growing region to a foreign power.

Inquiétude des paysans maliens sur la question des terres

Les paysans maliens sont inquiets de l'accaparement des terres par de grandes sociétés maliennes ou internationales. Pour le dénoncer, 2 000 cultivateurs se sont réunis ce week-end dans la ville de Kolongo au nord-est de Mopti, à l'appel des syndicats paysans.

Down on the farm

The rights and wrongs of global agricultural investment examined on Business Daily of the BBC