Farm groups still concerned about foreign ownership

The National Farmers Federation says the figures that show Australian farm land to be about 90 per cent locally owned is a small part of the picture. It's just one of three studies, with the others looking into the value of farm production.

Hedge funds & African farms

The mad scramble for Africa. Critics say the financial firms that helped cause the global recession by inflating the real estate bubble -- are back. And this time they're being accused of pulling the same tricks with the world's food supply.

Le Guatemala sous la coupe de l'agrobusiness

Au Guatemala, le marché de l'huile de palme est détenu par cinq familles. Et l'un de ces geants guatélmaltèques, Palma del Ixcán, est une filiale de la comagnie texane Green Earth Fuels, controlée par les fonds d'investissement Goldman Sachs et Carlyle