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Menyoal ‘Food Estate’ dan pemenuhan hak atas pangan

Food estate atau komplek pangan skala-luas, yang punya rekam jejak kegagalan di masa sebelumnya, muncul di tengah konteks lebih genting. Ia rilis ketika pandemi menunjukkan bahwa sistem pangan global dominan hari ini ternyata rentan menghadapi krisis.

Investors show interest in Fiji

For Elite Agro LLC, a UAE-based agriculture company with large-scale farming operations in Africa, Europe and Asia, Fiji offers a "strategic position" to allow the company to "grow its position in the Southern Hemisphere”

Camponeses “sem terra” queixam se de fome em Namariessa

Os camponeses da zona de Namariessa, comunidade de Namale, distrito de Ribaué, na província de Nampula, a Moçambique, queixam-se de estar a viver momentos muito difíceis por terem supostamente cedido as suas terras à empresa Promo Comercial.

Olam cède 35,4% d’Olam Agri au groupe saoudien Salic

Le groupe singapourien Olam annonce la cession d’une participation minoritaire de 35,4% du capital d’Olam Agri à Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company, une filiale en propriété exclusive du Fonds d'investissement public du Royaume d'Arabie saoudite, pour un montant de $1,24 milliard.

The concession model in Southeast Asia: Coming full circle?

Colonial and anti-colonial movements’ have deeply shaped the patterns and impacts of concessions in Southeast Asia. In some cases, communities have experienced dispossession through land grabs dressed as concessions. In others, concessions are part of a re-concentration of land holding.

A century of agro-colonialism in the DR Congo

Many oil palm plantations’ concessions in West and Central Africa were built on lands stolen from communities during colonial occupations. This is the case in the DRC, where food company Unilever began its palm oil empire. Today, these plantations are still sites of ongoing poverty and violence.