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Failed commercial farms

Birhanu Fikade of "The Reporter" sat down with Atkyelesh G.M. Persson (PhD) to learn about her findings on large scale FDI that failed to deliver the desired results in Ethiopia

China investing in Brazil ag

COFCO announced it will finance the expansion of more than 60 million acres [24 million ha] of soybean production in Brazil.

Former MP, investors evict thousands in Kiryandongo

Kiryandongo Sugar, allegedly owned by some Indians, Agilis, owned by an American called Philip Investor, and Sole Agro Business Company, also owned by Indians, have been named in the evictions of thousands of people in the western districts of Kiryandongo and Masindi in Uganda.

Enemies of the State?

Global Witness report finds that more than three people were murdered each week in 2018, with countless more criminalised, for defending their land and our environment.

L'initiative pour des multinationales responsables

Qu'il s'agisse de l'accaparement des terres dans la culture du caoutchouc au Libéria ou de l'empoisonnement des terres agricoles dans les mines de cobalt au Congo, des entreprises internationales basées en Suisse violent les normes environne­mentales et les droits humains.