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Kazakhstan: Activists jailed in criminal probes

On June 6 protesters expressed demands, including a ban on leasing land to foreign companies and the release of political prisoners, such as Max Bokaev, who was imprisoned for peacefully protesting proposed land code amendments.

Environmental conflicts and defenders: A global overview

Bottom-up mobilizations for more sustainable and socially just uses of the environment occur worldwide across all income groups, testifying to the global existence of various forms of grassroots environmentalism as a promising force for sustainability.

Offshore investors swoop on almond orchards

Funds managed by North American farmland and timber giant Hancock Natural Resource Group are poised to snap up two almond properties worth around $12 million in the NSW Riverina and South Australia’s Riverland.

Brasil: A história do cerco à Amazônia

A engrenagem do capital esmaga a Amazônia, seus povos, a floresta e seus rios: de um lado, a expansão da soja e da pecuária, unidas à derrubada e comercialização ilegal de madeiras e às queimadas criminosas que “limpam a terra” para o agronegócio

Des terres en commun

Le Mouvement Nyéléni pour la souveraineté alimentaire en Europe et en Asie centrale publie un manuel sur l'accès à la terre

Your land, my land, our land

Handbook of grassroots strategies to preserve farmland and access to land for peasant farming and agroecology

Tu tierra, mi tierra, nuestra tierra

El movimiento de Soberanía Alimentaria de Nyéléni en Europa y Asia Central (Nyéléni ECA) publica hoy una herramienta práctica para apoyar y fortalecer las luchas por la tierra de los pequeños y medianos productores de alimentos y de las comunidades locales.

Who owns Australia? Our biggest land barons

You’d be surprised to learn that the billion dollar barons of Australian farmland are a Canadian government worker super fund, a New York teacher insurance fund and an Australian pastoral giant backed by a Dutch pension fund