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Chinese soybeans grown in Russia want subsidies

China grow more soybeans in Russia to replace imported American soybeans. More than 70 companies from Heilongjiang province already grow soybeans in Russia and there are eight foreign agricultural "industry parks" covering an area of 600,000 ha. The main threat of the soybean ventures appears to be incursions of Russian territory as China effectively colonizes its distant, empty Far East.

Seeds of Gulf-Africa agribusiness

When Gulf nations face food, security, and water scarcity issues, one response is to seek lucrative agricultural investments in fertile African lands. Yet, while such deals can bring benefits to the countries involved, there are also sizeable risks

Poor families claim land concession sold to others

A group of 160 poor families from the Bunong indigenous community in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia have filed a complaint against their representative, accusing him of selling land earmarked for them as part of a social land concession. The 160 families were entitled to 2,400ha to be divided between them but as of now, most of the poor families had not received their plots.

Olam pledges to boost agric value chain

Olam has embarked on a pilot tomato farming project through its subsidiary, Caraway Africa Nigeria, acquiring 20 ha of land to set up farms in Karfi, Kano State, as well as Jigawa State.

Indonesia’s point man for palm oil says no more plantations in Papua

The Indonesian minister in charge of investments, Luhut Pandjaitan, has declared there will be no new permits for oil palm plantations in the country’s Papua region. Activists are skeptical about the minister’s U-turn, given that Luhut has been the government’s most vocal defender of palm oil industry.