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UN’s SABL response due in seven days

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination asked the PNG government yet again, to respond to concerns that PNG continues to authorise the exploitation of indigenous land by foreign companies through SABLs.

« Nous avons aussi droit à la vie »

Requête et revendications des femmes vivant autour et à l'intérieur des plantations de palmiers à huile et d'hévéa de la filiale du groupe Socfin/Bolloré (Socapalm) au Cameroun

ASEAN guidelines for responsible investment in food, agriculture and forestry

ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry adopted by ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) in October 2018 through a multistakeholder process involving the ASEAN Secretariat, Grow Asia, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation and a World Bank trust fund.

139 groups from 26 countries mark ‘Day of the Landless’

In a strong show of support to rural communities asserting their right to land, 139 organizations from 26 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe issued a joint statement to mark the Day of the Landless last 29 March with several solidarity actions were also held on the same day.

Day of the Landless 2019: Reclaim our lands, reclaim our future!

29 March is Day of the Landless, it marks the founding anniversary of Asian Peasant Coalition and the launching of No Land, No Life! campaign. 126 organizations from 24 countries are issuing the following statement to commemorate the struggle of rural communities around the world for land and resources.