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Governo de Moçambique e Parceiros Acordam o Término do ProSAVANA

O Ministério da Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural torna público que os parceiros envolvidos com o Governo no Programa ProSAVANA acordaram o seu término com a conclusão do “Projecto para o Estabelecimento de Modelo de Desenvolvimento ao Nível das Comunidades com Melhoria do Serviço de Extensão Rural no Desenvolvimento Agrícola do Corredor de Nacala em Moçambique”

Uhuru cracks the whip on Del Monte land row

Kenya's President has intervened in a land dispute between Murang’a residents and Del Monte Foods after being pressured by the US government as part of talks around the proposed free trade agreement.

‘In the plantations there is hunger and loneliness’: The cultural dimensions of food insecurity in Papua

A decade ago, the Indonesian government began to heavily promote large-scale plantation in southern Papua. An investigation recently published explored how some outside investors gained rights to the land and the fallout for the indigenous population. Children were suffering from malnutrition while agricultural commodities are exported from their ancestral land.

Forrests outbid Indigenous group for WA cattle station

Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest says conservation and heritage considerations must be balanced against the need for farming, after outbiding the Yi-Martuwarra people for a vast land holding on their territories.

Mali/terres : un activiste menacé

Au Mali, Massa Koné défend les communautés de paysans qui sont expulsées de leur terrains. Son engagement lui vaut aujourd’hui d’être menacé. Il s’est décidé, néanmoins, à poursuivre le combat. Portrait.

In a Post-COVID world govt must drop plans for bankable customary land

With the COVID-19 pandemic still expanding across the globe, ACT NOW is urging the PNG government to drop its plans to put customary land into the hands of commercial banks. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that customary land is a vital and irreplaceable resource for families and communities.