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Crop firm wilts under cash crunch

Kilombero Plantations Limited in Tanzania joins a long list of failed big agriculture projects in Africa in recent years, including Agrisol and Sun Biofuels in Tanzania; Karuturi in Kenya and Ethiopia; Nile Trading in South Sudan; Senhuile in Senegal, and Bukanga Lonzo in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Indonesia protests: Land bill at center of unrest

In recent weeks, Indonesia has seen its largest mass protests since the “people power” movement that forced President Suharto to step down in 1998. Among a variety of pro-democracy demands, the protesters want lawmakers to scrap a controversial bill governing land use in the country.Critics say the bill could be used to imprison indigenous and other rural citizens for defending their lands against incursions by private companies.

Debate rages over intensive oil palm farming in Gabon

Nearly 88 percent of Gabon is covered in forests, but NGOs fear that the development of oil palm plantations threatens this viable resource. Local communities accuse SOTRADER, a public-private partnership between the government and the multinational Olam, of land grabbing.

Kenya community pushes for UN inquiry into tea land theft

British and Kenyan lawyers allege that during the colonial period. the British army and colonial administrators deployed rape, murder and arson to seize swathes of arable land in Kericho, Kenya, from its traditional owners - rights violations for which nobody has ever answered.

El acaparamiento de tierras agrícolas de Harvard y TIAA en Brasil se hace humo

Tenemos pruebas de que los incendios del Cerrado también están vinculados a otros intereses financieros con sede en Estados Unidos: el Fondo de Dotación de la Universidad de Harvard y el TIAA, el fondo de pensiones privado que invierte en nombre de millones de profesores, académicos, enfermeras y trabajadores del gobierno en todo el país.

Land grabbing as an internationally wrongful act

Displacement Solutions has just published a major 184-page legal report on the land grabbing in Myanmar, including for agriculture, and how these processes constitute internationally wrongful acts.