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L’«agrocolonialisme» doit cesser!

A l’heure où des centaines de milliers de personnes, partout dans le monde, défilent pour la planète, alors que les conférences internationales consacrées au réchauffement climatique se multiplient, sur le continent africain, c’est business as usual.

Money to burn

Global Witness exposes how more than 300 banks and investors back six of the world’s most harmful agribusinesses to the tune of $44bn

Indonesia: Indigenous peoples losing their forests

The Indonesian government is failing to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples who have lost their traditional forests and livelihoods to oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan and Jambi provinces, according to a new report released by Human Rights Watch.

Ukraine proposes farmland reforms

Leah Soroka, program manager for Eastern Europe and central Asia agri-finance with the World Bank's IFC, said the President's proposal to privatise farmland would be a game-changer.

Brazilians go to a desert farm

A Brazilian agro industry delegation visited Elite Agro - a major farming company in UAE, which also operates in Serbia, Morocco, Ethiopia and Mauritania - and prompted them to invest in Brazil.

Feronia announces missed loan payment

Feronia Inc. announces that its operating subsidiary, Plantations et Huileries du Congo, did not make its scheduled semi-annual principal and interest payment under its secured term debt facility with a syndicate of European Development Finance Institutions.