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Under the spotlight: Chinese banks' risky agribusiness portfolio

China is one of the world's largest consumers of agricultural commodities such as soy and palm oil that drive deforestation globally. But it isn’t just Chinese consumption of these commodities that is helping fuel forest destruction. Global Witness new analysis sheds a spotlight on the often-overlooked role of Chinese banks as some of the biggest global financiers of deforestation.

El acaparamiento global de tierras se pinta de verde

Quienes actualmente controlan los flujos financieros del mundo no son capaces de apoyar a los productores de alimentos y a los sistemas alimentarios —que pueden combatir la crisis climática o las muchas otras crisis que afectan a la alimentación y a la agricultura. Nuestro desafío es lograr que tanto las tierras agrícolas como el dinero no sigan en sus manos, tan pronto como podamos.

Saudi-backed group exporting grain

SALIC owns a whopping aggregation in Western Australia, Merredin Farms, which produces grain and livestock over 211,000 hectares and grows around 120,000 tonnes of grain alone each year.

West Papua revokes quarter of a million hectares of land from palm oil

Local government in Indonesia’s West Papua province has revoked permits for 12 oil palm concessions that cover an area twice the size of Los Angeles after a recent audit of palm oil concession holders found widespread administrative and legal violations. Activists have called on the government to follow up on the revocation by granting Indigenous peoples access to the rescinded concessions instead of granting new licenses to other investors.

Indonésie : Des plantations de palmiers à huile aux effets nocifs

Les dommages causés à des communautés par une plantation de palmiers à huile dans l'ouest du Kalimantan, en Indonésie, démontrent l'incapacité du gouvernement à appliquer ses propres politiques et lois, a déclaré Human Rights Watch dans un rapport publié aujourd'hui