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Sime Darby au Liberia, c’est fini !

Le malaisien Sime Darby a annoncé un accord de vente et achat de sa filiale libérienne, qui sous-exploitait une concession de 220 000 ha, à la Mano Palm Oil Industries Limited pour 1 $ symbolique.

Sunbird takes cassava production head-on

Mauritius-based Sunbird Bionergy is pursuing a US$190 million cassava outgrower ethanol project in Zimbabwe's Luena farm block that includes a seedlings plantation that will eventually cover 10,000 ha.

The rise and fall of ProSavana

This paper explores the history of one of the world’s largest land grabbing deals signed by Japan, Brazil and Mozambique in 2009 through official documents and recordings, especially of the Japanese actors involved.