22 MAR 2018
World Bank, Washington DC
Responsible land-based investment
At the World Bank Land Conference 2018’s edition, the Global Donor Working Group will hold a session about responsible land-based investment – with a slightly different focus. Under the theme Influencing the next tier of companies – promoting responsible land-based investment through investors or investment frameworks, the Group aims to advance the debate beyond the role and practices of large food and agriculture companies to better understand how global investors and national investment frameworks are selecting land-related businesses which they will support. This session will explore new ways donors and other actors can reach and influence the practices of companies investing in land at national level and discuss the opportunities and limits to influencing change via investment standards or national investment assessment processes. It will look at key incentives and constraints faced by investors in influencing the practices of investees and tools they use to assess and manage tenure risk. The panel will be composed by Samantha Lacey, from CDC Group (UK’s Development Finance Institution), Francine Picard, from IISD, who will talk about the role of DFIs in improving legal frameworks for agricultural investment in Africa, and Vivek Maru, from NAMATI, elaborating on the role of legal empowerment on making land investments responsible.
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