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  • Bogotá

    Thumb_seminario_tierras_thumb 09 Oct 2013 | Bogotá
    Seminario internacional: concentración y acaparamiento de tierras, desarrollo rural y derecho a la alimentación

    Del 9 al 11 de octubre de 2013 se llevará a cabo en la Universidad Externado de Colombia un seminario internacional sobre concentración y acaparamiento de tierras, desarrollo rural y derecho a la alimentación, con la participación de importantes expertos de Brasil, Holanda, Argentina, México, Camboya, Francia y Colombia.

    Universidad Externado de Colombia, el Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia y FoodFirst Information and Action Network, FIAN
  • Bonn

    Thumb_2012_land_grabbing_1_120 27 Nov 2012 | Bonn
    SusCon: Investment in land and other scarce resources

    "The German Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation has formulated six principles that investments in land should adhere to with the goal for them to be structured in such a way as to promise sustained benefits for the development of the populations affected. 75% of the poor are living in rural areas and are relying on agriculture for their survival. At the same time many countries with poor smallholder agriculture systems have areas of suitable agriculture land and/or land which produce below its potential. Investments could result in an increased production of food and a transfer of know-how of sustainable and more productive agriculture systems.

    Financing institutions have started to revise their investment policies, a few agro-business investment groups have started to develop specific strategies into sustainable use of land which aim to be beneficial for local communities too. Large food corporations and agricultural commodity traders have started to invest into more sustainable production of coffee, cocoa, cotton, soy, timber and many other commodities. They have to secure their raw material sources and understand more and more that benefit sharing along the supply chain is a must to stay in business.

    How can “land grabbing” be avoided and responsible investments be further encouraged? Which are “good practices” of responsible investments into agricultural land (and other resources)? Which governmental guidelines exist? Neither governmental organizations nor the private sector can manage this situation alone.How can they work hand in hand for a broader impact?"

  • Brooklyn

    Thumb_screen shot 2014-09-12 at 3 21 Sep 2014 | Brooklyn
    Land Grabbing: Raising Awareness with Multimedia

    A panel discussion with Alfredo Bini, Greg Moyer, Iain Levine, Paolo D’Odorico, and Saulo Araujo

    Blue Chalk, HRW, Grassroots International, Why Hunger?
  • Brussels

    Thumb_epconf 08 Mar 2012 | Brussels
    Fair access to land and food: How to stop global land grabbing

    International capital, multinational enterprises, and even some governments are increasingly taking control over farmland around the world. Large amount of highly productive land is taken away from farmers, mainly in developing countries but also within the EU and Central and Eastern Europe. The conference wishes to highlight the problem of land grabbing in the global food crisis and the human right to food, present existing alternative land management models and encourage decision makers to implement new instruments for sustainable land ownership models.Please register online before 5 March 2012.

  • Thumb_categorypage_home_pc_eu_flag_9 25 Jun 2013 | Brussels
    Land issues in Europe: From land grabbing to land reform

    From land grabbing to land reform

    Organized by GUE/NGL in cooperation with European Coordination Via Campesina

    Conference on Land Issues in Europe: from Land Grabbing to Land Reform

    25th of June 2013, from 9h00 till 12h30, European Parliament ASP 1G2 - Brussels

    Interpretation: EN ES FR PT DE

    Live webcast:

    9h00 - 9h20: Welcome and Introduction
    • Welcome : Gabi Zimmer President GUE/NGL (Germany)
    • Introduction : Javier Sanchez, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee

    9h20-10h30: 1st Panel – Access to Land, land concentration and land grabbing
    • Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands - Presentation of the Land Grabbing Report
    • Willy Schuster, Ecoruralis, Romanian national case study
    • Eva García Sempere, Coordinator of the Spatial Planning and Environment Unit of IU-Andalusia : "Land Grabbing in Andalusia (Spain): Preparation of the Land Public Bank project" Moderator: Willy Meyer, GUE/NGL MEP (Spain)

    10h30 – 11h00: Press Conference/ Coffee break.

    11h00 – 12h10: 2nd Panel - Are the EU and national policies favoring equal access to land and the entry into farming by prospective (young and small) farmers?
    • Tassos Haniotis, Director - European Commission, DG Agriculture - Economic analysis, perspectives and evaluations.
    • Patrick Le HYARIC, MEP GUE/NGL (France)
    • Antonio Onorati, ARI and President of Crocevia - Proposal for a EU Directive on Lands
    • Andrea Ferrante, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee
    Moderator: Geneviève Savigny, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee

    12h10-12h30: Debate and conclusions by Joao Ferreira, MEP GUE/NGL (Portugal)

    For futher information: [email protected] + 32 2 284 7557

    press contact: Gianfranco Battistini [email protected] + 32 475 646628

  • Thumb_shutterstock_1385297-large 04 Nov 2014 | Brussels
    Land grabbing – a wake-up call for Europe

    Public hearing will take stock of the land grabbing phenomenon in the EU, gather views from civil society representatives and key stakeholders, and discuss the implications of this process for the environment, jobs, the local population, rural life and food security. Interpretation will be available to and from English, French, German, Estonian and Hungarian.

    European Economic and Social Committee
  • Thumb_9t49belte 16 Nov 2015 | Brussels
    Land grabbing and land concentration in Europe

    Discussion about land grabbing and land concentration in Europe in preparation for the World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources.

  • Thumb_logo-eib-the-eu-bank_en 19 Oct 2016 | Brussels
    Sowing the seeds of impact: the EIB approach to agribusiness in Africa

  • Thumb_image001 07 Dec 2016 | Brussels
    Access to land for farmers in the EU

    Event brings together farmers, NGOs, researchers, politicians and regulatory bodies from different European countries.

  • Bruxelles

    Thumb_gif_photo_landgrabbing1 08 May 2012 | Bruxelles
    L’accaparement des terres en Afrique : le rôle de la Chine

    L’accaparement des terres en Afrique : le rôle de la Chine
    Conférence-débat, le 3 mai 2012, à Bruxelles
    Lieu : Centre culturel de Watermael-Boisfort
    Intervenant : Laurent Delcourt, Cetri

Tanzania farmers violently displaced by a REDD+ project have launched a crowdfunding campaign for legal support.

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