Gulf risks animosity with land grab deals

Gulf states buying farmland in developing nations for food security face the risk of damaging their reputation as international investors as the deals are seen as land grabs, a Rothschild executive said yesterday.

Is Philippines selling land or selling out?

“It is the height of stupidity for our country to bargain our lands for the sake of other nation’s food security, while being dependent on importation for our very own food security needs,” says Rafael Mariano

Die große Jagd nach Land

Regierungen und Investmentfonds erwerben in Afrika und Asien Ackerland, um Nahrungsmittel anzubauen – ein lohnendes Geschäft, weil die Preise rasch steigen. Das Milliarden-Monopoly führt zu einem modernen Kolonialismus, dem sich viele arme Länder notgedrungen unterwerfen.

Kuwait eyes African investments

Kuwait sees good investment opportunities in Africa and is in talks with countries there about securing food supplies, state news agency Kuna said citing the country's finance minister.

Arab states in 'neo-colonial' food grab

A Kuwaiti company partly owned by the emirate's sovereign wealth fund is preparing to join other Gulf states in buying up agricultural land in Asia, part of a global land grab to ensure food security.

Holding the actors involved in the global land grab to account: the Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights urges action from Cambodia

During the recent review of Cambodia before the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, several Committee members raised concerns about the potential effects a land deal with the Kuwaiti government could have on various economic, social and cultural rights in Cambodia, including the rights to food, housing and an adequate standard of living.

Betting the farm

As world population expands, the demand for arable land should soar. At least that's what George Soros, Lord Rothschild, and other investors believe.

Cambodia debates merits of land sales

Cambodia has been signing deals with Kuwait and Qatar to help develop its agricultural sector. Cambodian officials, however, refuse to disclose details of the agreements, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kuwait looks to raise stake in China's ICBC

Kuwait is also looking at making investments in other sectors in China, while also pursuing agreements in Southeast Asia to guarantee food security for the desert state that relies predominately on imports of food.