South Africa
03 Feb 2011 22 septembre
Kassoum Denon, Pdg de l’Office du Niger : «Ce que nous avons vu sur les 100 000 ha de Tomota n’est pas encourageant»
« Pendant 78 ans, l’Office du Niger n’a pas pu aménager 100 000 ha. C’est un privé qui pourra le faire ? » Entretien avec Kassoum Denon.
01 Feb 2011 HowWeMadeItInAfrica
South African farmers eyeing opportunities in Mozambique
Many South African farmers have indicated an interest to start operations in Mozambique, according to agricultural union Agri SA.
12 Jan 2011 Times Live
Show guts on foreign land ownership, union tells Zuma
Nehawu, the powerful union representing education and health workers, wants President Jacob Zuma to ban or at least limit foreign land ownership in South Africa.
12 Jan 2011 AFP
S.African farmers look for greener pastures abroad
Thousands of white South African farmers are leaving their homeland to work abroad due to post-apartheid land reforms, a shortage of affordable territory and severe water shortages.
08 Jan 2011 Bloomberg
South Africa may block foreigners from owning land, President Zuma says
Zuma said his administration is looking at ways to ensure greater access to land for the country’s black majority, including a possible ban on property ownership by foreigners.
31 Dec 2010 Business Day
Georgia calls on SA farmers for help
The government of Georgia is offering state-owned farmland, for purchase, to farmer members of the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) in South Africa
20 Dec 2010 Business Day
New Great Trek ‘is no threat to SA’s food supply’
South African farmers moving to neighbouring African states are not putting SA’s food security under threat, says Willie du Plessis, a director of agricultural banking at Standard Bank.
20 Dec 2010 The National
Outsourced African farming threatens to alienate locals
Not since Belgium's King Leopold turned the Congo into his personal market-garden has so much land been allocated to offshore nations.
13 Dec 2010 Reuters
SA farmers set sights on Moz
More South African farmers expect to receive land offers in Mozambique as they seek to expand across Africa amid uncertainty over land reform at home, an official from a mostly white farmers group said
08 Dec 2010 BAD
Le Groupe de la BAD octroie un prêt de 65 millions d’euros pour financer le projet sucrier de Markala
Laa Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, le 6 décembre 2010, l’octroi d’un prêt à la République du Mali, d’un montant de près de 65 millions d’euros, destiné à financer deux volets importants du projet sucrier de Markala (PSM).
05 Dec 2010 Angola Press
Mozambique : Les fermiers blancs d'Afrique du Sud à la conquête du reste du continent
L'Afrique assiste à une migration de fermiers blancs qui quittent l'Afrique du Sud, effrayés par sa criminalité et sa politique de redistribution des terres, pour conquérir les espaces inexploités du reste du continent.
19 Nov 2010 ABN
Georgia calling on African farmers
The Transvaal Agricultural Union believes as many as a thousand skilled South African farmers could go to plough their own furrow in Georgia where the government is offering them 80,000 ha

South Africa

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