South Africa

Des fermiers étrangers sapent la sécurité alimentaire

Le développement agricole accru en Zambie compromettra en réalité la sécurité alimentaire du pays, puisque des fermiers continuent d’être chassés de leurs terres coutumières pour ouvrir la voie à l’agro-industrie locale et étrangère à grande échelle.

Foreign farmers undermine food security in Zambia

Increased agricultural development in Zambia will actually compromise the country’s food security as peasant farmers continue to be driven off their customary land to pave the way for large-scale local and foreign agribusiness.

Mendillo returns to farms as Harvard vies for Ivy rebound

Since Jane Mendillo took over the endowment in July 2008, Harvard’s holdings of forests, farms and other natural resources in Brazil as well as in New Zealand and Romania have grown to about 10 percent of the portfolio -- more than $3 billion -- and she wants to add more.

Illovo pulls out of Mali sugar project

South African group Illovo Sugar has pulled out of a 2.6 billion rand sugar project in Mali, largely due to political risk and also funding difficulties, and will focus on growth opportunities elsewhere in Africa.