World Bank

Fertile ground for investment

European pension funds are investing in global farmland, with a focus on emerging markets. If political problems arise, “You'll have the World Bank on your side,” SilverStreet's chief investment officer said.

Fighting land grab

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity has joined forces with a coalition of organizations to protest against the recent increase in land grabbing - transferring rights over agricultural land in developing countries to foreign investors - and to denounce its support by the World Bank (WB).

Pemerintah dan Bank Dunia Membikin Kebun Tebu

Pemerintah pusat, Pemda Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Bank Dunia, dan Pemerintah Korea Selatan (Korsel) akan bekerjasama mengembangkan perkembangan tebu seluas 17.000 hingga 35.000 hektar di Kabupaten Benar Meriah, Banda Aceh.