World Bank

EU, US biofuels rules aggravating third world land grab, World Bank says

In a 164-page report that actually endorses the practice of the sale of vast tracts of agricultural land to foreign buyers, the global lender nevertheless frets over the fall-out of northern legislation that makes investors view every farm, jungle and meadow in the third world the same way they view an oil field, says the EU Observer

World Bank land alert

In Cambodia, an assessment of the impact of foreign farmland acquisitions has been hampered by a lack of data, including the total number of concessions awarded and an accurate set of GPS coordinates for each concession, the World Bank says.

La Banque mondiale dénonce le Monopoly agricole

Avec son rapport publié ce mercredi, la Banque mondiale met le pied sur une poudrière. Intitulé «L'intérêt croissant pour les terres agricoles dans le monde peut-il apporter de bénéfices équitables à long terme?», il relance la guerre entre industriels et paysans.