Huile de palme : Greenpeace cible HSBC

Greenpeace accuse la banque de financer, entre autres, Goodhope Asia Holding Ltd contre laquelle des ONG et des communautés locales ont porté plainte auprès de la RSPO pour "accaparement de terres" en Papouasie.

A development fairytale or a global land rush?

The land rush unleashed around the world to own and exploit Earth’s natural bounty is not only fierce and unfair, but increasingly fatal, with lands, homes and forests bulldozed and cleared for foreign investors.

Africa's false dilemma

"It seems incongruous that Herakles Farms claims it is trying to improve the lives of local people but then there is scarcely any consultation with those same people over what is to be done with the land they depend on for their livelihoods, nor any serious acknowledgment of the risks posed to local environments and the global climate," writes Kumi Naidoo

L'huile de palme, nouvel eldorado pour l'Afrique ?

Greenpeace et Oakland Institute publient deux rapports dénonçant les conditions dans lesquelles se font des investissements dans la production d'huile de palme en Afrique, critiquant en particulier le projet de la société américaine Herakles.