Global land and water grabbing

It is found that about 0.31 × 1012 m3⋅y−1 of green water (i.e., rainwater) and up to 0.14 × 1012 m3⋅y−1 of blue water (i.e., irrigation water) are appropriated globally for crop and livestock production in 47 × 106 ha of grabbed land worldwide (i.e., in 90% of the reported global grabbed land).

Grabbing at solutions: Water for the hungry first

This piece is part of "Water Grabbers: A Global Rush on Freshwater", a special National Geographic News series on how grabbing land—and water—from poor people, desperate governments, and future generations threatens global food security, environmental sustainability, and local cultures.

Regar con lágrimas

Que la agricultura industrial está detrás del uso intensivo del agua es una realidad no suficientemente conocida ni denunciada, sobretodo cuando sabemos que usa más agua de ríos, lagos y acuíferos que la que reponen las lluvias o las nieves.

Farmland and water: China invests abroad

The authors found reports of 86 Chinese agriculture projects covering 9 million hectares of land in developing countries. They were able to confirm the existence of 55 projects covering 4.9 million hectares.