Vucic and Orban's agrarian policy

Serbia has neither clear rules of the game nor a development strategy for the agricultural sector, which is why the government confuses itself with Gulf State investors in secret meetings and makes real deals under the grain.

500 hectares de myrtilles en Serbie: nouveau défi pour Elite Agro

Un protocole d'entente signé avec Mountain Blue Orchards (Australie) et Driscoll's créé une nouvelle opportunité pour Elite Agro de cultiver des baies toute l'année en Serbie et en Mauritanie pour les marchés du CCG (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Arabie Saoudite, Emirats Arabes Unis).

Iran launches first overseas farming plan

Iran has launched agricultural cultivation in Kazakhstan, marking its first farmland investment overseas as the Middle Eastern country seeks to secure food supplies amid a lingering drought.