Joint Statement and Open Questions on ProSAVANA by the Civil Society of Mozambique, Brazil and Japan in Response to Newly Leaked Government Documents 【署名募集】3カ国市民社会>プロサバンナ事業>共同抗議声明・公開質問

TICAD VI(第6回 アフリカ開発会議)のサイドイベントで発表された声明・公開質問を掲載します。 2016年9月4日まで、団体署名を集めています。 署名頂ける団体は、以下のアドレス(<>を抜いて下さい)まで、団体名(日本語・英語)と連絡先をお送り下さい。

ProSavana files

A collection of official ProSavana files and reports from 2009 to 2016.

China and Brazil in African agriculture

Special issue of World Development suggests a key feature of Brazilian and Chinese engagements in African agriculture is the role of state–business relations in shaping and steering development, suggesting new forms of developmentalism.

Capitalismo selvagem à brasileira

Empresas que se instalaram em Moçambique através de projetos exportados pelo Brasil avançam sobre as terras dos camponeses enquanto o país, em crise, se afasta dos programas de cooperação.