Petition against land lease disposed of

The chief justice of Lahore's High Court directed the Ministry of Food and Agriculture that no land would be sold or leased out to any foreign country without prior intimation to this court.

‘Food production crisis looms over country’

In view of food insecurity in Pakistan and dozens of women losing their lives just to get a few kilos of flour, there was no justification of selling agricultural land to foreigners, said Dr Azra Talat Sayeed

Newsline: The Saudi factor

Special issue on the Pakistani government's plans to dole out domestic farmlands to the Gulf countries on 99-year lease for corporate farming.

Zardari regime grappling with its credibility

The Zardari government is on trial with respects to three developments, of which the possible lease of land to Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries, because they are of historical significance for Pakistan.

Grabbing land

A significant percentage of the manual labour force on arable land in Pakistan is female. If we lease this land to Saudi Arabia -- a country where women are not allowed to drive cars, vote, work in public places with a namehram -- to do with as it pleases -- will there still, across the proposed acreage reportedly twice the size of Hong Kong, be room for them?