Govt keen to lease out farmland to foreigners

The government of Pakistan is open to lease out its agricultural land to foreign bidders, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Mohammad Gondal told the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Corporate farming in Pakistan opposed

Voicing aversion to corporate agriculture farming, speakers at a seminar on Wednesday underlined the need for taking effective steps to counter its adverse effects in Pakistan.

Wikileaks: UAE develops food security policy

"Al Shariqi said that while the government does not have foreign agricultural investments, some UAE sheikhs personally own land in Pakistan, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand," reports the US mission in Abu Dhabi

Le monopoly des terres agricoles

Alors que 45 millions de Pakistanais - soit un quart de la population du pays - se trouveraient en situation d'insécurité alimentaire, Islamabad s'apprête à louer des terres cultivables à l'Arabie saoudite. Une décision qui fait polémique...

Giving away the family silver

If all these land deals will be beneficial to Pakistan in the long run, why is the government refusing to divulge the details of what is the citizens’ common property?

Healthy balance at stake in plans for food security

UAE foreign investment in food production have so far focused on leasing Pakistan and Sudan’s agricultural land, with new prospects in Cambodian rice, Canadian wheat and Australian beef. Alongside the strategic deals at the national level, private investment has followed which should open new channels of trade, for example, Al Qudra Holding has plans to grow grain and vegetables in Vietnam and Croatia as well as Pakistan.

‘Foreign loans will bring prosperity’

Corporate farming will raise food production in Pakistan and local people would get required food items. It will export only extra food stocks to foreign countries, disclosed advisor to Chief Minister, Sindh, Sharmila Faruqui.

Corporate farming will exacerbate food crisis: NGO

Roots for Equity Director Dr Azra Sayeed demanded that the Pakistani government stop giving agricultural land on lease to foreign food companies, and rather that these lands should be given to local growers to overcome food crisis in the country.

UAE seeks East Asia food security links

Cambodia will be the fourth country after Sudan, Egypt and Pakistan to receive UAE investments intended to achieve a food security plan drawn up by the government. Large-scale planting on Cambodian land acquired through purchase or 99-year lease may be launched there next year.