Un banquier new-yorkais mise sur l'éclatement du Soudan

Un financier new-yorkais vient d'acquérir 400 000 hectares de terres au Soudan. En plus de constituer l'une des plus importantes transactions de ce type depuis la vente de l'Alaska au XIXe siècle, cette transaction fait partie d'une stratégie troublante: la firme Jarch Capital parie que le Soudan, et d'autres pays africains, sont sur le point de se morceler en plusieurs États.

Selling Africa by the pound

Land ownership could prove contentious. In the distant past, it was often held by communities as a whole or vested in traditional authorities. State officials now often have the greatest say. That opens the potential for official abuse of yet another valuable resource.

Quest to create a new Sudan bread basket

Unity state, where Philippe Heilberg, a US businessman, says he has secured a huge tract of arable land, is inaccessible even by south Sudan’s standards. Apart from AK-47 assault rifles, it is deprived of most of the trappings of the modern world.

Wikileaks: Madagascar: GOM (again) denies Daewoo land deal

"Most observers here take the GOM denials at face value, and attribute the whole matter to Daewoo's extreme naivete in having concluded that a permit to look around for land here was anything more than the beginning of a long and still very uncertain process," writes the US embassy in Antananarivo in December 2008

Milking greener pastures

Faced with high land values and falling milk prices at home, a growing number of New Zealand dairy farmers are investing in South America, the United States, eastern Europe and Russia.

Guyana seeking agro-investors in the US

As the Caribbean and the rest of the world are still grappling with the global food crisis, Guyana is seeking to sell its vast land and water resources to United States investors as an area suitable for agriculture and aquaculture investment.

CHS, Mitsui & Co. raise stake in Multigrain JV in Brazil

The owners of Multigrain, a leading Brazil-based agricultural commodity business, announced today the company has acquired 100,000 hectares (247,000 acres) of farmland and related processing operations intended to strengthen its ability to serve customers around the world.

Angola launches $6bn agriculture expansion

Angola, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, has launched an ambitious plan to exploit both its fertile soils and high global food prices to attract $6bn (€4.3bn, £3.4bn) in agriculture investments over the next five years.