30 Apr 2013 AFP
Cameroun: "corruption" lors de l'acquisition de terres pour un projet américain (rapport)
Un rapport issu du ministère des forêts camerounais et consulté par l'AFP mardi reproche à la société américaine Heraklès Farms des méthodes "d'intimidation et de corruption" pour acquérir des terres pour la culture du palmier à huile dans le sud-ouest du Cameroun
21 Apr 2013 Farmers Weekly
Eastern Europe beckons farmland investors
Farmland prices are firming across much of Central and Eastern Europe, as interest from institutional investors -- mainly pension funds -- begins to translate into transactions on the ground.
04 Apr 2013 Leader-Telegram
Farmers oppose land ownership rule changes
A group representing Wisconsin farmers said its lobbying agenda this spring will include opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's plan to eliminate limits on foreign land ownership.
03 Apr 2013 Costar Group
CRE groups back proposal to grant FIRPTA exemptions to foreign pension investors
The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act was first passed in 1980 by Congress to limit foreign control over US farmland. Obama now wants things changed.
29 Mar 2013 GFM
«Comment Macky et Abdoul Mbaye nous ont permis de relancer le projet»
Le président du Conseil d’administration, Gora Seck, de la société Senhuile/Senéthanol revient sur les grandes lignes et les retombées économiques du projet qui suscite beaucoup de réactions de la part de certaines populations locales.
18 Mar 2013 New York Times
As crop prices surge, investment firms and farmers vie for land
In November, an investment unit of the big Swiss bank UBS bought 9,800 acres of Wisconsin farmland for $68 million
10 Mar 2013 Capital Times
Realtors asked for budget provision expanding foreign ownership of state land
Farm advocates fear a loosening of the acreage that can be sold to foreign investors will drive up Wisconsin farmland prices.
07 Mar 2013 Reuters
Pension funds join forces to invest in farmland
Major asset managers, cowed by the cost, the risk and the controversy involved in investing in farmland, are joining forces to increase investment in the historically under-capitalised sector.
28 Feb 2013 Wisconsin State Journal
Budget provision to lift ban on foreign ownership of land criticized
US Governor Scott Walker's budget proposes lifting a longtime prohibition on foreign ownership of large tracts of land in Wisconsin — a change that some legislators believe will allow other countries to gain too much control over some of the world's best farmland.
22 Feb 2013 World Magazine
Patient for profits
US-based Aslan Global Management, a leader in the "patient capital" movement, manages more than 12,000 hectares of farmland in Ukraine and Mozambique on long-term lease and just entered into a 99-year lease for 45,000 hectares in Tanzania.
18 Jan 2013 East African
Rwanda seeks land reforms
Foreigners will not be allowed to lease land for a period exceeding 49 years and those who fail to put their land to use will face stiff penalties, which include repossession.
04 Jan 2013 Market Wire
Agricon Global Corporation announces signing letter of intent to merge with Africa Farmlands, Inc.
Agricon has negotiated terms to acquire 12,000 hectares plus several additional opportunities for the acquisition of over 50,000 hectares in Ghana.


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